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We’re a small family business based out of our beautiful cider orchard in the Wye Valley, UK. We are proud to offer a range of high quality, healing and nutritious, cold pressed apple cider vinegars, please visit our online shop for more information.

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The orchard was purchased in an unloved state in 2004, abandoned for many years, you couldn’t see a single apple tree for all the brambles and bracken. Sixteen years on and my loved one and I have created a space of which we are truly proud. Twelve interesting varieties of apple trees have been planted in this time making for a robust and delicious vinegar.

Each apple used in our vinegars is lovingly picked and pressed by hand, infused with healing herbs to energise and nourish your soul as well as being a powerful elixir and natural antibiotic. All processing and pressing is done from right here, meaning carbon footprints stay small, onsite accommodation has been created for guests to revel in the blossom in the warmer months which will be open to visitors hopefully in 2021.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Severn River and Wye Valley, this space is shared with two goats, three ponies, two chickens, and two dogs. Wildflowers bloom here in abundance now and various species of animal and insects thrive in this managed environment that once upon a time seemed so asleep.

This has been nothing less than a labour of love for us, and we love every new day here.



A TINY FLOWER – WITH MIGHTY POWER ! According to Maria Treben, The Romans were so convinced of Speedwell’s value: it crept into social prose with friends and aquaintances using the herb in a complimentary capacity:  ‘he had as many good qualities as Speedwell’. The tiny yet beautiful azure blue flowers can be seen from May …

Holistic Animal Therapies: Apple Cider Vinegar and Oxymels, what you need to know.

Ancient tonic ‘Oxymel’ is not only really fun to make, but it’s a grand and great exploration for any budding herbalist too. I recently took on a rescue Dog called Rollo, who has recently been Coughing (Suspected  Kennel Cough).  I prefer to use conventional medicines in extreme circumstances only.. So I took to my bible …

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