Triple Pack x 3 (Vixen Apple Cider Vinegar, Vixen Fennel & Lemon Balm Apple Cider Vinegar, and Raspberry Shrub Apple Cider Vinegar)



Boost your immunity with our Triple pack of Apple Cider Vinegars

1 x Vixen Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been around since 3000bc.  Because of its healing qualities.

The benefits of using Vixen Vinegars are abundant, it can benefit the entire family and can be of great benefit to your animals too!  It is a powerful elixir and a natural antibiotic.

The cloudy substance in the  Vixen Vinegars range is known as the Mother, although not always the prettiest in appearance the Mother contains life boosting properties and beneficial bacteria.

1 x Vixen Fennel & Lemon balm Apple Cider Vinegar

Whole plant is used in my ACV. I Use Throngs of green fennel but include fennel seeds crushed for extra flavour but also extra health properties that include digestion. Lemon balm is such  lovely herb with all manner of health properties that include stress, anxiety, nausea, indigestion.. So if you suffer from heart burn try using this vinegar before a meal mixed with water.  Other uses include: If you mix 1part vinegar to two parts of natural yoghurt and some crushed oats to the mix and you have the most wonderful DIY face mask. Great also for all kinds of acne problems.

1 x Raspberry Shrub Apple Cider Vinegar

My Raspberry shrub is the only vinegar I make where some sugar is added and that I heat.

I’m not claiming this is the healthiest Vinegar I make but if you have a sweet tooth and still want to enjoy the health benefits of ACV this maybe the one for you.

All in Amber Glass Bottles 300 ml






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