February Blog

Snowdrops unfurl in the meadow grasses, and catkins striking gold against the stormy skies.

There is an anxiety attached to February for me… The positives being, more hours in the day, you push yourself harder trying to make the most of that precious light you’ve been missing so much.. And in doing so, you can beat yourself up for all the jobs that may have been neglected over the Winter months.

The light is here! But the reality is, it’s cold. That heat upon our faces just isn’t here yet, and the likelihood is our bodies (And spirits) are probably feeling a little fatigued.

Then I remember my Bay and Nettle Apple Cider Vinegar. The fire is on in the front room, the kettle is on and I pour myself a warm mug of Antioxidant bliss!.

The detoxification of nettle alone, with the warm notes of bay in the background. I sit, I sip, and all is well.

The Romans used to beat themselves with nettles to relieve rheumatic pains, and research is now being carried out into using nettles to relieve arthritis (Finally!)

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